- Books and materials will be determined at the first lesson for all levels.  Practicing is expected from all levels.  To request lessons or ask a question, use the contact information above.

- All lessons are expected to be a commitment to practice and attend all lessons. 

- Excused absence include inclement weather, qualified pre-arranged monthly schedules with the instructor, or the instructor/student is unable to attend due to an emergency which requires notification via email or phone.

- Monthly lessons are only transferrable if a medical or similar emergency occurred or other arrangements have been made the prior month to make up the lesson missed. If monthly lessons are less than 3 per month, billing will charged at the weekly rate.  Please review the lesson rates for more information.  

- Payments not received within the first 15 days may be charged an additional $5 fee. 

- All other absences will be billable.

- Private lessons are held at Salem Lutheran Church  90 Riverside Dr SE, St Cloud, MN 56304St. Cloud, MN.
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We need to go over the requirements for taking lessons in my studio.  Typically, instructors require a school year or three month commitment to enter into a studio.  I do not require this type of commitment.   

It is one of my missions to help bring affordable lessons to the community. In turn, it is the student's responsibility to apply themselves and to take on the learning with focus and personal expectations.  Furthermore, there is an additional discount for families who wish to take their music to the next step. 

Beginner to intermediate level methods are determined based on current methods used including school programs.  If the student has not been using a method, a method will be suggested.  The foundation for performance is good posture.  Every motion made is posture.  As musicians, we gain understanding for a sound/texture which translates into a learned muscle memory and aural connection.  In turn, this determines the motion required to make the sound.  Proper posture for all levels is required before moving forward in the student's studies.  This includes bow hold and proper use of the bow, how to navigate on the fingerboard, good instrument placement on the shoulder, and more.

Funding Options

The Central Minnesota Youth Orchestra is a regional youth program designed to shape and challenge the students at the skills they are currently learning.  I am offering any students who take lessons with me (monthly billing) a 15% discount for all students who are registered and in good standing with the CMYO program.

If you are part of the school programs, there are additional ways to receive assistance for lessons.  Check out the Eckblad William Community Fund through the Central Minnesota Community Foundation for more information. 

Here are a few examples of the foundational method books used for violin/viola lessons at the intermediate and advanced levels:  Sevcik Violin Studies: School of Bowing Technique, Introducing the Positions, Carl Flesch Scale System.
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In addition, please take a look at the outline and guide regarding the beginning stages of playing the violin or viola.

Building Blocks of Instrumental Skills Outline

Fundamentals of Playing the Violin & Viola Guide